Masturbation Station


Telnet to:

Connect to the Masturbation Station BBS running Amiexpress 4.20
Back from the early 90’s with it’s original Ascii’s, one of the Elitest Boards in its day.

1998 was their last breath…. The elite boards have all died out! The internet killed off dialup, anonymity and the scene culture. 16 years later, the he return of a legend,
iMMORTALIZED by the Scene!

Ansi/Ascii, are originals by the artists of the 90’s.
Enj0y n0stalgia!

Amiga: Mystic, Divine Stylers, Saints, Freezers, Myth, Dynamix, Crystal, LSD, Atomic, Outlaws, Hellfire, Radiance, MAD, Style, Hoodlum and Shades (The Cove BBS)

PC: Prophecy, Prestige. Generation X, RTS, SCUM, UC, Pinnacle, Epic, Extortion, Trauma, Rebels, ALF, Legacy, Prodigy, Firm, Phoenix, Raw Meggage, FSW, Light Speed, Outlaws, Retribution, FBI, LORD, TiDT, NU Image, Lensmen, FOOD!, Vengeance, Empire and ADR.

Console: Romkids, Mystic (Console), UCR and FUCK (Forgive Us Crazy Kids)

[Warez, Faster than tHe sPeeD of l1GHt]