Masturbation Station



History of the MASTURBATION STATION written by Black Beard.
My memory is pretty bad and I am trying to piece together the history
some 21 years ago when in started.

It Originally started around sometime in 1993, the BBS was called The Cove and it ran on an Amiga 500 with a Trumpcard 500 external hard drive setup.

Cnet was not well liked by Amiga elites and as Sysop I would always here
the complaints. A major overhaul was needed to to run an elite BBS.
New hardware, additional phone lines, and bbs software was purchased.
At some point in 1994 the BBS switched to Amiexpress and an Amiga 4000 with addtional phone lines. All that was needed was a new name to go with the new setup. I asked my cousin to help me come up with a name, and he jokenly said “The Msturbation Station”. When I heard it, I said that is it, a name no one will ever forget!